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Startup Business Insurance

Startup business insurance is something that you as an entrepreneur should consider very early in the planning stages.

Depending on the nature of your company some business insurance may be mandated by your state. In any case small business insurance is a prudent investment in your business and to protect all of your assets.

Many entrepreneurs start running their business from home to keep initial expenses to a minimum. With this scenario there are two common mistakes that are made on a very regular basis. The first is the belief that the existing homeowner or renter insurance covers the business too. It doesn’t. Click here for information on home-based business insurance.

The second oversight is that the personal automobile insurance covers the vehicle for commercial use. Click here for information commercial vehicle insurance.

More information on other types of insurance that may required for your business is covered on other pages on If you are still uncertain about any requirements feel free to call us for a free, no obligation discussion about your venture.

At we want to be part of your success. We have the knowledge and resources to research the right provider and price for your new business insurance. Call us today for free insurance quotes.