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Small Business Liability Insurance

Small business liability insurance covers you against legal hassles in the event you are sued. Situations where you may be sued could be due to accident, injuries and claims of negligence.

One lawsuit from a single accident could financially ruin your company and everything you have worked for to date.

A liability policy, also known as commercial general business liability protects your company's assets. For instance liability insurance covers you if somebody gets hurt on your property. It also protects you against property damages or injuries caused by you or your employees

Other coverage includes medical expenses, libel, slander, the cost of defending lawsuits, and settlement bonds or judgments required during an appeal procedure.

Liability insurance can also protect you against any liability as a tenant if you cause damage to a property that you rent, such as by fire or other covered loss.

It can also cover claims of false or misleading advertising and copyright infringement.

Sadly we live in a society where some are looking for excuses to sue those "with deep pockets." You've heard stories of ridiculous lawsuits and you never know when one of these unethical people will show up on your business doorstep looking for "easy money."

Small business liability insurance coverage is a smart and inexpensive investment compared to thousands, or even millions of dollars you may have to spend to defend against a frivolous lawsuit.

Small Business Liability Insurance Quote—Are You Paying Too Much?

Not sure? Get free insurance quotes at no obligation as comparison for your small business liability coverage.

As business conditions change, we recommend that your policy be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that your coverage is adequate.

At we have strong relationships with leading carriers in the country for liability insurance. That gives us the contacts, knowledge and resources to research the right provider at the right price to provide the best business liability insurance for your company.